One Click Away from Love: Dating in the Digital Age

In this new digital era, navigating relationships via the Internet can be rewarding. With tons of dating websites, online apps, and an instant way to communicate, making a connection might be just a click away. The downside, though, is that being behind a cell phone or computer screen isn’t the same as face-to-face meeting and a pixel-picture only says so much. Still, online dating makes connecting and communicating almost instantaneously accessible. The process is simple: enter some of your basic information and a website or app will find suitable matches for you. Then, from there, you regulate your own talking and can potentially set up a real date. In essence, you’re trying to “sell” yourself as an individual while shopping around for other potential people. Sounds complicated? It might not be. Gentlemen’s Guide is here to the rescue to pull you out of your relationship slump and use the newest tech to your advantage!

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Profile

The first thing a woman will see is your picture. That will also be one of the most important things for a woman to determine attractiveness. With this in mind, take pictures that show you. Full body, outdoor shots in high quality and natural lighting work best. People don’t want to have to work to pick you out of a crowd of your friends so stick to photos of only yourself. Have someone else take the picture of you because it’s been proven that women don’t view profiles that are selfies as much, and definitely don’t opt for a “bathroom mirror” picture either. Lastly, don’t forget to smile!


Since you are “selling” yourself to a potential significant other, you want your online dating profile and bio to reflect you as accurately as possible. That being said, stick to the truth at all times. Instead of creating a person that you think a woman would want, be you. Being genuine is important in a committed, healthy relationship and lying will only make it harder in the long run. Besides, what are you going to do when you snag a date and show up as a person different than what your date has expected? Another important precedent is to choose a mature profile screen name. Anything cocky, rude, or inappropriate sends off warning bells in a potential woman that will turn her away. Try incorporating something relating to your hobbies or personality. On the same subject, making your bio clever is another vital step to “selling” yourself. Avoid cliché statements and highlight your best qualities and interests. That way, a person who is scrolling through can get an idea of who you are.


Online Messaging

As a rule of thumb, only message a person if you’re willing to set up a date within 7 days. No woman will want to wait around for long periods of time for someone they’ve just met over the internet, so don’t miss any opportunity. Secondly, this shouldn’t even need to be said, but stay away from saying anything predatory or inappropriate. Women looking for a serious, committed relationship will most likely not appreciate any sexual remarks, vulgarity, or blatant criticism of their appearance or yours. Start off with something on that they’ve stated on their personal profile, and avoid controversial topics. Another guideline is to cut the immaturity. Don’t start off with a cheesy pickup line that will make you look dumb. If it progresses into a more serious relationship, humor in the form of a joke or pun might be funny in the future, but don’t introduce yourself in that manner. Be confident in who you are. Don’t try to justify your reasons for online dating. An insecure bio will make you look just that—insecure. Exude the genuine person you are, and don’t second-guess yourself. Lastly, generic messages are a turn off. Some women may be receiving the same messages over and over again that say nothing about them or about you. Instead, try picking something from her bio to form a connection and show that you’re not just anybody looking for a date. Be original, creative, and fun!


With the Internet as a valuable resource, meeting people has never been easier. With these tips from Gentlemen’s Guide, scoring the perfect date is easy, efficient, and more convenient than ever!

-By Bonnie Wong

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