Best Streaming Services To Use And Sign Up For During Stay At Home

Being stuck at home can be tiresome, as you are oftentimes left with nothing to do. If you are done cleaning and organizing around your home, then the best option now is to watch movies and hit tv shows on a streaming platform. Currently there are several streaming services that have either free trials or discounted membership due to the Covid-19 epidemic.



Although Netflix doesn’t have any specials or discounts to their service, they do continue to have their 30 day free trial. A lot of us are trying to find ways to stay entertained, and Netflix is always a good streaming service to start off with. Every new member to Netflix will receive a month of free streaming service. If there are more than 2 people in your household, then you will have the opportunity to have several months of Netflix for free as long as every person is a new member.


There is an endless amount of shows and movies on the service. From classic films such as Good Will Hunting to Netflix hit shows such as Orange Is The New Black.


Amazon Prime

Another great service that has a 30-day trial for first time users is Amazon Prime. This streaming service has a variety of new films that haven’t reached Netflix yet. Amazon prime is great if you are looking for new films and old films that aren’t on Netflix, you will also have the benefit of having the other perks such as 2-day shipping for orders on amazon orders besides being able to stream.



Disney doesn’t have any discounts or specials, but they still continue to offer their 7-day free trial to new members. With the 7-days you are able to watch an endless amount of Disney classics as well as several Fox Studio films. Also, you will have access to Hulu as well since the Disney service comes included as a bundle with Hulu.


SiriusXM Radio

The radio service SiriusXM has made its service available for all listeners for free. To help everyone that is currently stuck at home the station has decided to make it free until May 15 to help keep everyone happy with sound of music. The station ranges from music to radio talk shows that range from different topics. SiriusXM has also made their service ad-free, so there won’t be any disruptions to the listeners.


Acorn TV

Acorn TV is a streaming service that has programs from the United Kingdom. The service costs six dollars per month, but with the promotional code FREE30 you will receive one month for free. This service will be a good start to watch movies and TV shows for the first month, since the “Stay At Home” order is still in place in several states.


Just keep in mind you won’t be able to find shows that you see here in the United States, since the streaming service is only United Kingdom shows.



If you are looking to stay entertained with flicks with flesh eating zombies then Shudder is the right streaming service for you. The streaming service has only horror movies on its platform, which makes it easy for any horror fans out there. The service has at the moment a 30-day free trial if you use the code SHUTIN, after the free trial membership it will cost five dollars a month. This service will be perfect if you are tired of rewatching shows on Netflix or watching Disney movies all day.


There are numerous services adjusting to the ongoing epidemic to help viewers and listeners during these hard times. If you find yourself out of ideas on how to spend your time at home then try some of these services that are out there. This will help keep your mind distracted and help you fight the urge of going out, so have fun watching movies or binge-watching shows for several hours.


-By Ulises Rodriguez






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